Intermediate APIs

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Attributes (BLJ) Dataset (BMR: DONE) Dataspaces (BLJ) Datatypes (BMR) Error Handling (BMR: DONE) File (GH: DONE)

Rest of H5A

Rest of H5D

Rest of H5S

Rest of H5T except Type conversion database

All of H5E

Rest of H5F except MDC functions

Group (BMR: DONE) Identifiers (GH: DONE) Library (GH: DONE) Links (GH: DONE) Objects (VC: DONE) Property Lists (BLJ) References (EP/VC)

Rest of H5G

All of H5I

All of H5

All of H5L

All of H5O

Rest of H5P except MDC, MPI

All of H5R